Global: impacting our world


Loving others is loving God

What we do

One of our core values is to love God and others – even if those “others” are in India, Africa, Haiti or Palestine. We have developed strategic partnerships with churches and organizations in countries around the world. These partners are committed to meeting the spiritual and physical needs for their communities through the local church. to join the Kensington Global Prayer Team.

Our global partners


Our goal is to stop children from dying of starvation and thirst. But there’s more to it. Close to half of all people in developing countries are suffering from health problems caused by dirty water and bad sanitation. So we’re also supplying them with medical attention and basic health care. But there’s another problem. Nearly 1 billion people are unable to read or write. Illiteracy dooms them to a life of grinding poverty. So we supply all of our sponsored kids with primary education and in many cases, secondary schooling, too. Plus, every child in our care learns about the God of the Bible who loves them.

Alone we can’t do much. But together we can feed hungry kids, rescue exploited kids, educate illiterate kids, and bring the hope of Jesus to entire communities. Thanks for helping.