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Loving others is loving God


The Timothy Initiative

We’re talking a lot about Church Planting in Northern India with The Timothy Initiative during this series. The Timothy Initiative, Kensington’s newest Global Partner, is an organization and a method with the aim of sharing the good news of Jesus. This method of “church planting,” or the launching new churches, reflects the relationships and discipling which took place between Paul, Timothy, and Titus in the Bible. We’re specifically planting churches in Northern India and over the next few weeks we’re going to have the opportunity to start new churches in that region which is predominately Hindu. Find out more at

Loving Others

At Kensington, we believe that to love God means we love others – even those halfway around the world in India, Africa, or Palestine. We have developed ongoing partnerships with indigenous churches and organizations in ten different countries. We support our partners through relationships and resources as they meet the spiritual and physical needs in their own communities.

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Our global partners

NoChild Sponsorship Program

We believe that no child should die from hunger and disease. Our grass-roots sponsorship program has brought food, healthcare, education, and the hope of Jesus to more than 4,000 kids in Kenya, India, and Nepal.

Nearly half of all people in developing countries suffer from health problems caused by dirty water and bad sanitation, and nearly a billion people worldwide are unable to read and write. Poor health and illiteracy dooms them to a life of grinding poverty and chronic pain. But through NoChild sponsorship, children can be given a brighter future! Sponsored children are given medical attention and basic health care. They receive a primary education and in many cases, secondary schooling, too. Plus, every child in our care learns about the God of the Bible who loves them. Together we can feed the hungry children, rescue exploited children, educate illiterate children, and bring the hope of Jesus to entire communities. Join us!


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