Move Out


Equipping and mobilizing people to follow their dreams to reach the [one].

Let’s be the church the other six days of the week. Let’s see outreach as relationships rather than events, as people rather than projects, as simply loving your neighbor as Christ does.

It’s incredible but true – loving the [one] can bring sweeping transformation to our communities.

The Move Out Network Video

We’re on a mission to move out beyond our four walls to bring the love of Jesus to those around us. That’s why we’ve created the Move Out Network – a place to connect you with opportunities and people who share the same passions. Join us by joining (or leading) a Move Out team – no matter what your interests, you can make an impact!


Do you have a heart for a specific need or demographic in our community? Or do you have a certain interest, skill or “time slot” to share? Check out the opportunities on our Move Out Network.



Are you already moving out and ready to mobilize other volunteers? Contact us if you’re interested in being a Move Out Team Leader and registering your team on the Move Out Network.



Do you want help discovering your unique design and area of passion?
Join us for a five-session LIVE! training designed to help you walk in the fullness of who God designed you to be. Topics include hearing from God, discovering your destiny, living in freedom, loving others and activating your God-gifted dreams.

Stay tuned for future classes!

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What does a Move Out Leader look like?

Move Out leaders have the desire to lead a team of people with like-minded passions. They have a heart for investing in and discipling others including team members and those they serve in the community. They demonstrate godly character and spiritual leadership, and also embody Kensington’s mission and values. In addition, Move Out leaders engage in leadership development opportunities offered including coaching, conferences and workshops.

What are other ways to Move Out?

The heart of Move Out is to inspire and empower people to use what’s in their hands to “be the church” beyond the four walls of Kensington. Think workplace, neighborhood, community, city and beyond! Begin by asking God who around you can use some encouragement, prayer and help, and what steps should you take. Consider what skills, gifts or services you can offer. Moving Out can be as simple yet powerful as making a phone call, sending a note, tutoring a child, blessing someone with gas or groceries, volunteering at a local non-profit, or helping someone around the house or yard. In doing so you will be sharing the love and hope of Christ!

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Location: Orion Campus

Times: Sundays – 9 & 11am

RSVP required: yes

Traverse City

Location: Traverse City Campus

Times: Sundays –  9 & 11am

RSVP required: yes


Location: Troy Campus

Times: Sundays – 9 & 11am

RSVP required: yes


Location: Online-only

Times: 10am

RSVP required: no


Location: Clarkston Junior High

Times: Sundays – 10am

RSVP required: yes

Clinton Township

Location: Clinton Twp. Campus

Times: Sundays – 9 & 11am

RSVP required: yes


Location: Troy Chapel

Times: 11am

RSVP required: yes

KKids Strategy Playbook

The heart of Move Out is to inspire and empower people to use what’s in their hands to “be the church” beyond the four walls of Kensington. Below are just some of the great ways to plug in and Move Out this Winter!

  • SOAR Detroit Literacy Tutoring
    Host virtual tutoring sessions with Detroit elementary students.
  • Oakland Hope
    Currently, the greatest need is in the Thrift Store receiving and processing donations.
  • On Your Feet Detroit
    Create warming bundles (backpacks filled with items to keep people warm) and distribute them throughout Detroit to people experiencing homelessness.
  • Elevate Detroit
    Serve food and build relationships with the homeless community during weekly Saturday afternoon BBQs.

And for other great ways to love our neighbors out in the community, check out our Move Out Network!