Hope Water Project Virtual 5K

Hope is not canceled!

With large gatherings and events being canceled, Hope, Community and Loving Others certainly are not!

That’s why we’re so excited for our Hope Water Project Virtual 5K on Saturday, June 27th

What’s so cool about a virtual 5K is that you can join from anywhere.

  • Whether from your treadmill, neighborhood, local track or park… 
  • Whether walking, running, cycling – even skateboarding if that’s your thing…
  • Whether by yourself, with your family, or with your best furry friend…

You can make a difference! You can change lives through the hope of clean water!

With a global pandemic upon us, clean water is now more critical than ever.
Will you join us?

HWP5k SignUp.01

Sign Up

Register here to run/walk 5K. The cost is $30 with proceeds building clean water wells for the Pokot in Kenya. Invite family and friends to join the fun as well!

HWP5k GearUp.01

Gear Up

Receive your performance t-shirt and medal in the mail. Wear your t-shirt on 5K day to inspire yourself and others. 

HWP5k ShowUp.01

Show Up

On June 27th join hundreds of others – from wherever you are – walking and running for clean water. Please also post pics to our Hope Water Project Facebook page, #5KforHOPE, so we can encourage and celebrate as a community.

HWP5k RaiseUp.01

Raise Up

Multiply your impact by setting up
a fundraising page and inviting the support of family and friends. And know that through clean water we are helping to raise up families, churches, schools, gardens and flocks. Clean water is only the beginning!

Click here to learn more about Hope Water Project and the impact that wells are having among the dearly loved Pokot.


What Does It Mean To Be On The Team?

We are grateful for you and your decision to be a part of the Hope Water Project community! Together, we can change lives!

We are here to support you and encourage you through the process; whether you are a walker, a runner, a cyclist, a volunteer or “outside the box” fundraiser – you are moving out and we appreciate

YOU are changing lives! As a team, we come together to train, to volunteer and to support and encourage one another. We participate in events through the year and we raise awareness of the need for clean water. Your fundraising helps to build wells that impact the lives of the Pokot

So your next step depends on what you want to do and how you want to step out!

A great first step is to join our mailing list to stay up to date on all our events and opportunities to jump in!

Next, visit our events page for upcoming opportunities to jump in. Sign up’s will be made available as we get closer to event dates and will be posted on the event page and emailed to our community.

And most important, setup your fundraising page ! Whether you walk, run, cycle or volunteer – everyone can participate in fundraising.

And last, connect with us. Follow us on social media and join us on our mission to provide clean water! 

How Do I Order A Jersey?

Visit our online store here and browse the selection of jersey’s and HWP swag! Various style Jerseys are available depending on the event and sleeve preference, be sure to browse the site and talk to your team members about various options available! We do place several orders per year, so be sure to join our mailing list for updates on when orders are begin made. Its recommended you train in your shirt at least a few times before your race/ride!

Team Email Communication

We use email as a main communication tool and encourage you to sign up for our emails if you haven’t already. If you’re not receiving emails from Hope Water Project, complete the online form here.

We are always here to answer questions, please email [email protected] at any time!

Social Media

We view social media as a great way to stay connected and reach out! We will post to the main Hope Water Project pages with updates and event information throughout the year so be sure to follow us!

Team Training Plans

Training plans are used to provide structure to your training and guide you through the process. The training plans we follow are available here and are created based on our annual event timelines:

Group Training*

One of the best ways to jump in is to join our group training. Participating in the training with the team helps to keep us accountable and allows us to support one another through this journey.

During the training season we meet weekly on Saturdays and use that time to communicate Hope Water Project updates, provide training tips, learn from our peer’s journeys and encourage one another. Most importantly, we tackle the long miles together!

Join our mailing list. to stay up to date on group training schedules and follow the groups on Facebook!

*Group Training is on hold at this time, updates will be made via Social Media as to when meeting as a group is allowed per state guidelines

Regarding COVID-19

As your church family, we are here for you every step of the way. We’ve worked with each of our ministry leaders and staff to put together resources, ways to connect, and answers to many of your questions including updates on midweek and weekend services, Move Out opportunities, kids, middle school & high school, groups, care, discipleship, and family.

Upcoming Services:

Wed. 7pm

Sat. 5:30pm

Sunday 9am, 11am & 12:30pm

For the most up-to-date resources and updates, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and bookmark kensingtonchurch.org/coronavirus.