Troy Kkids


We love our kids, and we want to give them every chance to connect with God!

Babies and toddlers receive nurturing care and have fun activities in a safe and loving environment. Preschoolers and elementary kids participate in high-energy music, creative lessons and games, and have tons of fun learning about Jesus.


The KKids Welcome Center.

If you are already pre-registered, you will see your name pop up after you enter your telephone number.  Tap your name then the names of the children  you would like to check in for that service. A sticker will print out for each of the children you are checking in.

If you are new to the the Kkids area and have not pre-registered, the process is quick and easy. Go to one of the Kensington Kids Welcome Centers. You and your children will be registered and receive a temporary parent/child sticker set for the day, specific to your family only.  In the future, you can use the kiosk for self checkin. Click here to pre-register

  • Nursery – 1 adult per 3 children
  • Two-year-olds – 1 adult per 6 children
  • Three-to-Five-year-olds – 1 adult per 8 children
  • Elementary – 1 adult per 10 children

Kensington Kids is offered for all children birth through fifth grade and for those with special needs.

When your children receive a sticker or tag, the parent will also receive a sticker tag. On the parent sticker/tag there is a number that corresponds to a number that is printed on your child’s tag. When you come to pick up your child, one of the adult volunteers in the room will cross check your number with your child’s number. These two numbers match so that we know this is your child, and it prevents any other adult from taking your child out of the room.



Elementary February 2020 (Playlist)
“Any playlist sounds better when you put love in the mix. So pump up the volume and choose to treat others the way you want to be treated.” To follow along with what your child is learning each month, download the Parent Cue App.

Elementary January 2020 (Big Quiz)
“If you want to drop some knowledge, first you’ve got to start with what you DON’T know. After all, when you learn something new, you can be better at whatever you do.” To follow along with what your child is learning each month, download the Parent Cue.


Early Childhood February 2020 (All Aboard)
“Who does Jesus love? Jesus loves everyone.” To follow along with what your child is learning each month, download the Parent Cue App.

Early Childhood January 2020 (Beach Party)
“Who can do anything? Jesus can do anything.” To follow along with what your child is learning each month, download the Parent Cue.


Saturday at 5:30 
Sunday at 9am, 10:30am, 12pm

Family Pre-Registration

We’re excited to meet your family. Please share a little information with us now, which helps ensure a timely and seamless check-in process later.


“My family and I have been coming to Kensington for the last 20 years and I have had the honor of working with our kids at Kensington for the last 19 of those.  Ken and I have three adult children, our youngest, Christopher, got married in June to Amanda, our middle, Stephanie, lives in St. Louis with her husband, Alex, and our oldest, Kelsey, and her husband, Andrew, are expecting their first baby in December! In KKids, I love when kids are excited about coming to church where they learn about Jesus’ mighty love for them through the lessons and their amazing leaders.  ”  

“My name is Taylor Leal and I’ve had the honor of co-directing with Nancy Browne in KKids since September of 2018. Nancy and I have had so much fun dreaming of new ways to teach our children about Jesus and all of the many ways we can partner with all of the incredible parents here at Kensington. It has been such a blast getting to know all of the wonderful leaders who invest in our kids and in the program- we truly have the worlds best kingdom-builders on our team! Although I am new to the Troy community, I have called Kensington home for the past 6 years. I met my husband, Joe here, while serving Middle School Students at our Clinton Township campus. In 2017 Joe and I welcomed our sweet son Jaxon to the world and are expecting baby number two in January 2020! A few fun facts for ya… I have an Elementary Education degree and student taught in a Kindergarten class. I completed the Kensington Internship program (totally recommend it!). I am the oldest of 7 children! I love coffee dates with friends (but who doesn’t?!). A weekend trip to Elk Rapids is my favorite of all time.”