Share Your Story


Everyone has a story, and that story has the power to encourage others and show who God is. At Kensington, we believe in the profound impact of sharing stories within our community, and we want to hear yours!

How has God shown up powerfully in your life? Has He transformed you or your family? Has He moved you out into our community or the world? What has he taught you?

Try these prompts:
- What is the greatest thing God has done in your life? How did it come about?
- Describe a time in your life when something inexplicable happened, with the only explanation being: God
- Share a time when hearing from God brought about transformation in your life or the life of someone else.
- How has your life changed as a result of a specific encounter with God?


Regarding COVID-19

As your church family, we are here for you every step of the way. We’ve worked with each of our ministry leaders and staff to put together resources, ways to connect, and answers to many of your questions including updates on midweek and weekend services, Move Out opportunities, kids, middle school & high school, groups, care, discipleship, and family.

Upcoming Services:

Wed. 7pm

Sat. 5:30pm

Sunday 9am, 11am & 12:30pm

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