Orion Breakaway | Sundays 5-6:30pm


This summer at Breakaway, we will be having several events that you can find out more about in our calendar on the page below. We’d love to see your student out at one of our summer houses, serving events, or other events we have listed.  There is no pre-registration required for our summer houses and new students are more than welcome to join! At Breakaway, we are all about seeing students connect, have fun and grow in their relationships with God. We emphasize truth, identity and community in unique ways that we believe only the Church can offer. We look forward to providing that environment for your family and seeing your student join us soon!


If you had a chance to share your faith, what words of wisdom and encouragement would you share with your younger self? Your peers? Your friends? Join us for this series as we have upperclassmen, leaders and people in our community share their testimonies and words of encouragement with the next generation. 



Hi, my name is Sam, and welcome to our landing page for Breakaway! I love getting to see students learn more about who God has designed them to be and then helping them live that out. My wife Anne and I live in Auburn Hills with our 1 year old daughter Nora and our dog Kado.

I’m a new dad so I am learning A TON about God’s love and also A TON in general (think changing diapers, how to put bows in hair, etc.). I enjoy playing a bunch of sports, playing guitar and piano, as well as going on walks at night with my family.  Hope to see you or your student at Breakaway soon!
 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me!”



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