Orion Breakaway | Sundays 10:30-12pm


Meets in room 1300
Breakaway is a place where students in grades 6-8 can discover how relevant God is in their lives with action-packed messages and fun activities. After our scripture based message, we dive into small groups – a time to help students grow spiritually and connect relationally. Each small group is organized by grades and gender and is led by a volunteer adult that is passionate about helping students connect with Jesus.


For many students, Christmas is all about one thing: presents! While there may be a sense that the holiday is about more than what’s under the tree, the truth is, it’s easy for all of us to lose sight of what the holiday is really about. That’s why, in this Christmas series, we want to help students shift their focus to what’s most important: the gift of Jesus and how generous God is toward us—and how because of that, we can be generous toward others, too.



Hi, my name is Sam, and welcome to our landing page for Breakaway! I love getting to see students learn more about who God has designed them to be and then helping them live that out. My wife Anne and I live in Auburn Hills with our 1 year old daughter Nora and our dog Kado.

I’m a new dad so I am learning A TON about God’s love and also A TON in general (think changing diapers, how to put bows in hair, etc.). I enjoy playing a bunch of sports, playing guitar and piano, as well as going on walks at night with my family.  Hope to see you or your student at Breakaway soon!
 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me!”