Providing tons of opportunities for women to grow closer to God.

Women’s ministry at Kensington are designed to help women of all ages experience authentic community and experience the transforming power of God’s Word and to encourage and challenge them to apply those principles to their daily lives. We have multiple types of groups available for various life stages, interests and opportunities.


Insights is a Bible study for women of all ages and stages. Whether you’re brand new to the Bible or have been around for a while, come join us this year! We’ll eat together, hear some teaching, and discuss what we’ve learned in safe, comfortable small groups. It’s a great place to connect with other women and experience the encouragement and transforming power of God’s Word.

Each week Insights meets for 2 hours, beginning with a large group teaching and then breaking into small groups for discussion. An optional home study guide is provided that can be studied before each session.

Childcare is available during all daytime programs. For additional information and to access home study materials and video teachings, go here.

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Insights is a fully self-supporting ministry. It takes $30 a woman per semester for materials, childcare and some snacks. If you’re inclined to donate toward Insights, feel free to do that at the end of your registration form. No pressure. We know that most of you don’t carry cash and it’s hard to remember to bring a check so we have created an online option as well. If this is a hardship, please feel free to come anyway. If you can give more, that’s great, too! You can use the registration process to conveniently donate online or you can skip that step with no issue. If you would like to give a different amount, or in cash or check, you can do that in the donation boxes at Insights.

Questions? Contact Patty Wernette


Encounter encourages and challenges women to apply ageless biblical principles to their daily lives. This topical Bible study uses video teaching in a large-group setting, accompanied by small-group discussion.

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KMoms is an open, accepting place for all mothers of school-age kids (kindergarten on up) to come to experience authentic community, personal growth, and spiritual hope.

Meetings include breakfast, fellowship, and will alternate between the DVD curriculum, as well as speakers on relevant topics which include parenting challenges, faith, and relationships.

For questions regarding any of the programs listed above, contact Patty Wernette.


MOPS - Mothers of Preschoolers

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) is a program designed to offer support to women with young children from infancy to kindergarten.

In this challenging and sometimes isolating stage of life, MOPS addresses issues and offers ideas to strengthen a woman's home, marriage, children and spirit.

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Moms On Mission (MOM)

Moms on Mission (MOM) is a study for women to grow closer to Jesus through the strength of other moms. Moms on Mission focuses on moms with children ages birth to grade 5. We have been given a beautiful gift to understand the love that God has for us through motherhood. Through this study, we will rediscover what our identity is, leaving false identities behind. We'll eat together, listen to teaching, and discuss what we've learned in safe, comfortable small groups. It's a great place to connect with other moms and experience the encouragement and transforming power of God's Word.

Moms On Mission

Faith Works

Faith Works is a group of men, women and young adults (high school & college) that assist people in need. They volunteer with repairs and maintenance of homes, plus teach skills to under-resourced people so they can help themselves in the future. In the process, the older men teach younger men how a man of God conducts himself with integrity. Faith Works does volunteer work for widows, single parents, elderly, low income families and non-profit organizations.

Faith Works

Marriage Help

Marriages can hit some pretty bumpy roads. And for some of us, those bumps can feel like canyons. Just know this: there is hope! Studies show that couples who hang in there and stay married are happier than they ever thought possible five years later. The other good news is this: you have others who care about you and your spouse... and desire to help you through these bumps and hurdles.


Small Groups

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