Edge is all about creating a totally judgement free space

Edge is the high school ministry at Kensington church. It is a weekly experience for high school students to connect with friends and take ownership of what they believe. If you are brand new to the idea of God or are far along in your faith journey you are welcome here. We get real about a relationship with Jesus and have a lot fun while doing it! From high production events to small groups Edge is a place to Belong and be Known.



Aaron Gross


Sunday at 5pm-7pm


Troy Campus




Edge students play a part in the larger church community, impacting not just peers but older and younger generations as well. Edge students serve in Kensington Kids and Breakaway, as well as other areas, like set up team, coffee team, tech team, backstage and so much more. This is a great first step for our future leaders to see where their gifts and talents can be used in their church and community.

Small Groups

Every week high school students gather together at their campus-specific location. Students enjoy hangout time, awesome videos, relatable messages & authentic music. Small groups are a comfortable place where students can form deep relationships, discuss life, and learn what it means to follow Jesus. Small groups meet during these weekly gatherings at most campuses.

Events, Retreats & Missions

Life change happens and life-long friendships are formed when students break out of their everyday routines and get away. Kensington leaders are always planning ways to engage our youth in high-impact activities, with dynamic teachers and worship. In addition, Edge students have an opportunity to go away on retreats and mission trips with their specific needs and passions in mind.

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