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It's not just a tradition. It's a step of faith.

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For 2000 years, Christians have been baptized to declare to the world that they are believers and followers of Jesus Christ. Taking the plunge is a significant step in your spiritual journey. If you’re ready for this public demonstration of your personal devotion, our next baptism event will be held the weekend of April 19 at each of our metro Detroit campuses.

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I’m Ready!
So, you want to take the plunge and proclaim your faith in Christ? Here are your next steps:

Please watch this video. It is designed to help you understand the significance of baptism and will help determine if you are ready to be baptized. We also ask that you read Baptism 101

Invite Others
Ask your friends and family to come to this event! Baptism is a significant step in your spiritual journey and we want you to share it with those close to you.

Families are welcome to register together, but as baptism is an important personal decision, we ask that only children ages 11+ enroll. Children 10 and younger should register for a Family Baptism Class.

Interested in Baptism at Kensington Traverse City?  Click here to start the process!



Family Baptism Class
Do you have a child in K- grade 5 (aged 10 and under) who wants to be baptized? Your first step is to assess their spiritual readiness. Second, we’ll ask you and your child to attend/view a Family Baptism class in preparation for the event. Contact the Kensington Kids (Kkids) Director at your campus for readiness guidelines, class details, and with any other questions.


If your child is younger than five years old, we offer baptism or dedication ceremonies. Contact your Campus Coordinator with questions, and to find out the dates of upcoming parent classes and ceremonies.


If you can’t wait for the next Baptism Event and want to get baptized immediately, please download these guidelines for a do-it-yourself baptism. If you have questions about adult baptism, please email your campus staff
(Troy, Birmingham, Clinton Twp, Orion, Traverse City


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