Kensington Interns


We think it can! Jump into our total immersion internship to be educated, equipped, empowered, and forever changed.

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Our 10-month internship program provides a total immersion environment for you to develop skills and be challenged – with hardcore on-the-job training and no monkey business. Okay, a little monkey business. With a primary focus on leadership development, Kensington interns are given real-world responsibilities for the day-to-day operation of their specific ministry. You’ll also participate in classroom training and personal mentorship from our staff and leaders from the region. Give us 10 months and watch yourself grow holistically – sharpen your job skills, build your character, and mature in your faith. Are you ready or still have questions? Email us!

  • – Internship goes from August through May
  • – Internship can be 20 or 40 hours per week
  • – High School graduates and older may apply
  • – 1.5 hours of classroom training per week
  • – One hour of mentorship group time per week
  • – Balance of week spent in hands-on ministry training



In the Kensington internship, you can look forward to deepening your faith. Classroom biblical education, along with a formal spiritual mentorship time, will be the highlight of your time with us.


As an intern, we’ll help you understand the unique ways that God has made you. We’ll equip you to know who you are and what you have to offer God’s Kingdom.


The bulk of your internship will be hands-on, boots-on-the-ground work. We’ll empower you with training in how to handle real-life ministry situations.


What will my typical week look like?

For interns with heavy weekend service involvement (student ministries, worship, production), a typical office week runs from Tuesday to Thursday, with Saturday and Sunday filled with ministry work. Non-weekend heavy internships usually find that they’ll be in the office Monday through Friday.

Every Tuesday morning our intern family comes together for valuable teaching covering biblical, personal development, and ministry topics. Powerful mentorship groups happen every Thursday.


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