Jobs At Kensington

Campus: Troy

Troy Campus Director

To apply for this full-time position please send cover letter,resume and video teaching links to


A champion for Kensington Church Troy campus and the surrounding region. The point person who will help lead, encourage, communicate, coordinate and problem solve issues relating to Troy Campus and the Kensington culture. The primary mission is to help create a welcoming space and a place where visitors move from first time “guests” to belonging in the community.  Work in complete unity and synergy with the Campus Lead Pastor and other campus leaders as well as working interdependently with other Kensington campus directors. A true keeper of the DNA of Kensington who knows how to execute and contribute to the vision given from the Campus Lead Pastor, Elders and Executive Team. 


Has a clear call of God to lead the people of Troy campus and the surrounding community to Jesus Christ. Demonstrate the qualities of a follower of Christ, with a passion to love God, live in authentic community with those in the body of Christ, and extend the love of God to those seeking him. Show a strong commitment to living out Kensington’s values and beliefs. Possess characteristics that include: humility, teachability, organization, teamwork, discernment, wisdom, strategic agility, execution, and spiritual leadership. Must work extremely well with others.


  • Education: Undergraduate degree preferred with seminary background or training.
  • Experience: Demonstrated ability to build and lead teams, cast vision, develop strategic plans, manage day to day operations, lead spiritually. Have a passion and experience leading and creating intercultural experiences and communities. Have experience in large church environments. Ability to preach and teach from stage and in group environments.
  • Requirements: Membership at Kensington Church.  Affirmation of the mission, vision, values, and beliefs of Kensington.


  1. Lead teams, under the guide and direction of the Campus Lead Pastor, that create a warm, welcoming and energetic atmosphere that is contagious through every square foot of the Kensington Troy campus.
  2. Preach and teach 6-10x a year.  Teach in smaller group environments as well. 
  3. Lead the vision frame implementation at the campus level.
  4. Coordinate and communicate between various Kensington ministries and departments.
  5. Anticipate problems and opportunities that will improve the overall experience of visitors.
  6. Serve as point person during service times to provide answers and solutions for staff, volunteers and guests.
  7. Help communicate to the congregation important issues and announcements.
  8. Plan and coordinate big events such as, but not limited to, serving fairs, anniversaries, holiday services, campus gatherings and central gatherings hosted by Troy campus.
  9. Develop long term campus strategies and master planning under the direction of the Campus Lead Pastor, Executive Team and Elders.
  10. Stay in sync with the Campus Lead Pastor, Campus Arts Director, Discipleship Director, children and student ministry directors by monitoring the pulse of the campus momentum, energy, feel and spiritual growth.
  11. Monitor the vision and ensure the mission is always central.
  12. Lead and create agendas, alongside Lead Pastor, for bi-weekly campus team meetings and bi-weekly campus core leader meetings.
  13. Participate weekly in Campus Director meetings and other Kensington meetings as necessary.
  14. Manage and coordinate the campus budget under the direction of the Campus Lead Pastor.
  15. Manage and lead the vision for creating a great volunteer experience. Lead a campus serving team for boots on the ground involvement.
  16. Lead at least one campus volunteer teams to ensure boots on the ground involvement at the campus (example: Prayer Team, Parking Team).
  17. Lead and envision the campus team and oversee directors including regular direct report meetings.