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Campus: Central

Marriage Catalyst

To apply for this part time; 25 hrs/week position please send cover letter and resume to

This person is responsible for the discipleship process of engaged and married couples at Kensington.  This person recruits, trains, leads and supports a large group of volunteers associated with Kensington Marriage and the Campus Marriage Teams at each Kensington Campus by providing the support, encouragement, training and tools necessary to mentor and disciple couples.  The goal of Kensington Marriage is to encourage the Lordship of Jesus Christ in marriages with the purpose of fulfilling God’s intent that marriage serve as a primary means to reach the world for Jesus Christ.  This person will be a primary catalyst of discipleship through marriages by coaching, developing, supporting and encouraging the continuous growing web of emerging leaders who will take and lead this initiative further and further into the Kensington community and throughout the world as God directs. 


Display the evidences of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ in accordance with the doctrine and practices of Kensington Community Church values.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred.
  • Experience: Five years plus in a church, non-profit or other setting that demonstrates having worked with marriage and/or family. Five years plus experience in growing disciples for Jesus Christ. Leadership experience in developing and maintaining a large network of volunteers and growing empowered leaders. Proven ability to train/coach new leaders. Demonstrates an entrepreneur ability to lead and support start-up ministries. Training and development experience a plus. Experience in developing a vision for a process or ministry and its implementation. 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Membership at Kensington Community Church or in process.  Affirmation of mission, values and beliefs of Kensington Community Church.


Discipleship – The primary purpose of this endeavor is to cultivate the hearts and minds of individuals who are married or are considering marriage to be personally Christ-centered and focused. As their relationship with Jesus transforms their hearts, their relationships with one another transforms as well.  As Christ becomes the center of this relationship, they become a beacon of light to others who are lost and hurting.  The goal of this ministry is to grow disciples.  The number one role of the Kensington Marriage Catalyst is to keep this goal front and center above everything else.

Leadership Development – Support, empower, coach and develop new leaders as this ministry grows throughout Kensington and the world.

Campus Marriage Teams Support – Oversee, support and recruit for the Campus Marriage Team and the Marriage Mentors (mentors of couples with marriages in crisis) at each campus and future campuses.

Premarital Regional Team Support – Oversee, support and recruit premarital mentors and the teams that oversee them. Lead the volunteers and/or staff personnel who directly work with engaged couples through this process. 

Training and Development – Provide the training necessary for those volunteers serving as premarital and marriage mentors. Continue to update, improve and enhance this training as necessary. 

Prepare-Enrich Support – Provide training for new Prepare-Enrich facilitators and serve as an intermediary support when needed regarding Prepare-Enrich.

Home Meetings – Encourage each campus to conduct regular home meetings. This is the environment where mentors will get vital feedback and encouragement.

Strategic Linkage to Other Existing Kensington Ministries – Provide awareness, support and encouragement to other ministries throughout Kensington such as Children’s ministries, Edge, Breakaway, Young Adult, Celebrate Recovery, Pastoral Care Team, Divorce Recovery, Campus Care Providers, etc.

Strategic Linkage with Like-Minded Leaders in Community – Develop and grow relationships with leaders from other churches and community organizations to share best practices and ideas for continuous growth and improvement.

Vision Casting, Discernment and Implementation – Dream, envision and discern the Lord’s future plans for Kensington Marriage. Listen to the call of the Holy Spirit into new areas of expansion and growth.  Put into place the process to implement change and growth where necessary. Be able to clearly communicate the vision the Lord has planted and garner the enthusiastic support of our vast body of volunteers.