Jobs At Kensington

Campus: Clinton Township

Clinton Twp Campus Live Video Director

To apply for this full time position on the Production Team please send cover letter and resume to

Position Description:

Responsible for leading the Live Video branch of the Clinton Production Department. Partnership with Clinton Production Staff to provide preparation, scheduling, and training. Event support with key role as Video Director and always with the goal of training and development.


Demonstrate the qualities of a follower of Jesus Christ, with a passion to love God, live in community with those in the body of Christ and extend the love of God to those seeking him.  Show a strong commitment to living out Kensington’s values: In Christ, Under Scripture, As a Family, For the One, From Brokenness, With Open-handedness, Through Others.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in live video production
  • Experience working with all areas of live video production. Experience leading and managing crew and volunteers.
  • Ability to navigate with composure, complex, fast-paced, live Production situations.
  • Ability to recruit, train, and lead emerging leaders and volunteers.
  • Affirmation of the mission, vision, values, of Kensington.


Event Preparation – Partner with Clinton Production Staff to ensure that pre-production is excellent.

Engage in all Production meetings to understand producer vision and blocking notes – create clear shot chart, ensure team scheduling confirmations, prepare all graphics and playback cues, prepare all camera equipment for use in production.

Team Scheduling ⁃ Lead process in partnership with Clinton Production Staff to schedule every Live Video seat filled for every Clinton Event, partner with Clinton Staff in recruiting, developing, and discipling the volunteers. We will have ever evolving transformed and mobilized teams.

Service / Event Support – provide coverage for Weekend and Midweek Services as well as special events:  Primary discipline is Video Director, in the chair for all but 2 events per month, trainin someone at least 50% of the time while scheduled in a task – Development, Discipleship, Mobilization.

Training of team and leadership in the process we follow that ensures excellence for every event.

Innovation – Partner with Production Staff to always look for ways to improve process and/or systems. Always pursuing the greatest intersection of stewardship and creativity.

Team Participation – Engage actively in all scheduled meetings, Staff meetings, Production meetings, direct report meetings with Clinton Production Director.