Jobs At Kensington

Campus: Birmingham

Birmingham Kensington Kids Elementary Coordinator

To apply for this part time; 28 hrs per week position please send cover letter and resume to  Must be willing to work Sundays at the campus.

Coordinate and oversee all functions of Elementary small group development at Kensington Birmingham. Recruit, develop support and shepherd small group leaders. Ensure that small groups are running smoothly, that small group objectives are met, and that relationships are forming.

CHARACTER:  Demonstrate the qualities of a follower of Jesus Christ, with a passion to love God, live in community with those in the body of Christ and extend the love of God to those seeking him.

Education: HS; Bachelor’s degree preferred.
Experience: Participation in small group, experience in leading and shepherding a team or small group.
Requirements: Ability to manage multiple tasks, enjoy children, administrative skills, ability to recruit, lead, develop teams of adult and youth volunteers, gift of shepherding, skill at team building.

Recruit, train and shepherd team of small group leaders for weekend services. Provide them with weekly curriculum and work alongside them. Encourage, have conversations with, pray for, send recognitions to, meet one on one for interviews, challenge them spiritually, and ensure that there is spiritual care and accountability.

Evaluate the effectiveness of small groups by monitoring the interaction of the groups and providing feedback to the leaders. Ensure that the curriculum is understood and implemented. Email leaders weekly for connection and curriculum updates. Place children into groups or remove them as needed throughout the year. Ensure small groups are set up and torn down.

Serve as point person for all Elementary Focused events, including
Club 45 Fall Retreat, SpringHill Day Camps, Ignite 45,Quarterly Family Events

Send out weekly communication to volunteer leaders, preparing them for Sunday, providing them with the lessons, informing them of events and important things they need to know, etc. Send monthly Birthday Cards to volunteers and students.

Work with creative programmer on large group lesson each week. Help lead the worship song/dance and host large group on Sundays as needed.

Participate in volunteer development and recognition opportunities as determined by own initiative as well as opportunities set as KKids departmental objectives (eg. Volunteer training night, volunteer celebration, campus events, leadership development events.)

Assume any other duties or responsibilities as directed by KKids Director or Campus Director (Christmas, Easter, Good Friday, Events, Jump in For Kids, etc.)

Weekly Hour Breakdown
Sunday- 8 hours
Meetings- 6 hours
Birthday/welcome postcards- 1 hour
Weekly Coffees- 1 hour
Large group prep- 1 hour
Emails to volunteers-1 hour
Prep for Sunday- 3 hours
Event planning- 1 hour
4/5 team development- 1 hour
Recruitment/convos with volunteers- 2 hours
Relational time at office- 1 hour
Other Duties- 2 hours