With access to clean water, life can be given back to a community.


Ultimately, clean water provides hope for a new future.

Water is our most basic and vital need in life. Without it, nothing can happen. Nothing can grow. But with it, everything changes. Clean water quenches thirst — but it also restores health. Access to clean water brings life back to a community.


Western Kenya

We focus our efforts on a forgotten group of People: the Pokot. People whom we know and love. People we consider dear friends. They are also extremely impoverished, neglected, and marginalized; which is why we are committed to investing in their lives. Over the past thirteen years, we’ve entered into a partnership with the Pokot Outreach Ministry (POM) to provide HOPE –one clean water well at a time.

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Why we do it

Hope Water Project exists to reveal Jesus through access to clean water. Clean water means saves time and restores health. The hours spent each day looking for water instead becomes time to work, care for children, or go to school.

How we do it

Hope Water Project works with trusted partners on the ground to drill wells. Through our partner organizations, we steward the appropriate amount of knowledge and resources that are sustained through a high degree of local project ownership. Our project crews navigate unimaginable terrain, drill wells and maintain equipment, and assist in building flourishing communities once clean water is flowing.

The results

Over the past thirteen years over 100 wells have been installed. With each one, villages have grown, lives have been saved, communities have been formed, and thousands of people have heard the Gospel for the first time. We have witnessed firsthand the amazing impact clean water can have.

Support a Pastor

​Having a source of water also gives Kensington an opportunity to financially support a pastor in each village — who will provide support for village pastors is energized through the Kensington Fund. Make a gift to support the pastors.


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Clean Water = Restored Health + Saved Time + Education

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