Let’s join together as a church by investing in the Kingdom of God!

The Campaign

The Every[one] Capital Campaign launched in 2016 and requires significant financial investment to fulfill our mission to see every[one] transformed and mobilized by Jesus. Every single detail in all of the projects has been carefully planned as we listen to God and discern His plan for us as we live to fulfill our mission as a church.



Start Up

Jumping in now will make a huge difference! It takes every individual and couple that attends Kensington joining together to do their part to hit our goal.

If you are new to Kensington or haven’t made a pledge yet, it is time to live dangerously and ask: “God, how would you have me invest in your Kingdom through the work of Kensington?” We’re asking every individual and couple to pick a sacrificial gift amount so that we can hit our goal.

To help us finish strong, you can choose a one-time gift or monthly giving for the next 12 months.

We would achieve our goal if:
• 750 households commit to $50/month for 12 months (or $600 one-time).
• 1,300 households commit to $100/month for 12 months (or $1,200 one-time).
• 2,000 households commit to $250/month for 12 months (or $3,000 one-time).

(Consider the typical amount we spend per month at a restaurant, on coffee, on manicures, or on our golf game–simply choosing to not eat out once or twice a month could translate into an amazing gift over 12 months!)


Step Up

This is for those that have completed their pledge (or are close). Has God blessed your financial situation over the last 2 years? Awesome—please read.

Like many people, you may be in a better financial position today than when you made your original pledge back in March 2016. Has your situation changed? Would you consider hopping on board at a new level for the last 12 months to make these projects a reality?

Hundreds of households have already completed their pledge (or are very close). We still have the opportunity to give over these last 12 months of the campaign and we are so close to our goal –will you go beyond your current pledge to give a boost toward the finish line?


Stay In

This is for everyone who made a 3-year pledge back in March 2016 and plans to fulfill it by March 2019—please read.

Thousands crossed the stage in 2016 and placed their commitment card in the box as an act of worship. These people made a faith pledge – an amount that could only be fulfilled with God’s help. This campaign is only successful because you continue to give faithfully and consistently. You made a commitment back in March 2016, and you’re “staying in,” letting us know that you plan to come across the finish line by completing your original pledge by March 2019. We need to know that, too! We are encouraging everyone that made a pledge to faithfully fulfill their commitment, so we can plan and budget accordingly.

Finish Strong

Start up, step up, or stay in?

So far, 2,974 households have committed almost $22 million to seeing our mission fulfilled. In order to accomplish all the projects in this campaign, it takes significant financial resources from our entire church – the nearly 15,000 people who attend Kensington regularly. As we approach the final year of this three-year campaign, we are asking everyone to prayerfully consider investing in the work of God through Kensington.