Kaleo (formerly K-Rock) Orion

4640 South Lapeer Road, Orion charter Township, MI, United States

Wednesday, January 24


    4640 S Lapeer Rd., Orion, MI 48359


    6:30 PM


    Kaleo Winter 2018  “Mismatch:  Fitting in is Overrated”

    Sometimes standing out from the crowd can be fun – you win the race, score highest on a test, get voted most popular. But other times it’s not so great – you trip and fall, you’re the last one picked in gym, you’re the only one who didn’t wear class colors on field day. Meet Mismatch. He’s a guy who stands out from the crowd in all the wrong ways. Or so he thinks… But what if the things that make us different are actually our greatest strengths?  And what if doing the right thing means that we’re always going to stand out from the crowd.

    Join Kaleo Kids this semester as we learn what it means to celebrate our differences and follow God in a world that tells us to just fit in.

    Kaleo Kids (formerly K-Rock) is a program designed to train, encourage and challenge kids in the arts as well as give them a platform to share their gifts with others.  Each week, students rotate through a music, dance and drama class, as well as join in a large group session where they will learn that their identity won’t be found in their talents, but in Jesus alone.  The session culminates in a performance during the weekend services on May 6th.  Students are also invited to perform at a school assembly with a school partner. Assessment required for new students.


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