Encore: Feather Bowling

Bath City Bistro, Macomb Place, Mount Clemens, MI, United States

Saturday, January 13


    Bath City Bistro- 75 Macomb Place, Mt. Clemens


    4:00 PM


    Join us for Feather Bowling! We are meeting on Saturday, January 13th.
    It’s all happening at Bath City Bistro, 75 Macomb Place, Mt. Clemens.
    Please arrive at 3:45 pm for games to begin at 4 pm sharp!

    We have reserved 2 full hours (4-6 pm) for Feather Bowling. We will have a pizza buffet, and unlimited pop!
    Our 2 Lanes, 2 Hours of Play, all the Food, Tax, and Gratuity will be included for $20 each.

    If 20 or more attend, the cost per person will go down! So, bring your friends along to play this unique game!

    You may be asking…..”What is Feather Bowling??”

    Well, it’s a unique Belgian sport that could be described as a cross between boccie ball and shuffleboard. It is played using wooden discs or balls that resemble a wheel of cheese and are rolled from one end of a trough shaped lane to the other, with the object being to land the balls closest to a feather “planted” at each end of the lane.

    We’d like to encourage you to do something DIFFERENT! Join us and have something fun to talk about later.

    You’ll be glad you did!

    If you’d like to join us, please RSVP as soon as possible!

    For information about Encore or to RSVP for any of our events:
    1. Check out our website @ www.encoresingles.org
    2. Write to:encore@kensingtonchurch.org
    3. Call 248.786.0760 and leave a message.

    Encore! is a community group where active single adults aged 50+ can connect with one another and find fellowship and spiritual growth through serving and socializing as followers of Jesus Christ.


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