Easter Tickets

Easter at Kensington:

Kensington’s holiday services are a must-see! Come be inspired by the story of the Easter season and the hope brought to all through the resurrection of Jesus. Over three weeks, we’ll look at the journey of Jesus from his fame on Palm Sunday, to the cross on Good Friday, and finally to resurrected life on Easter weekend. At every stop along this journey, we’ll be asking ourselves — just as people did back then — is it all this possible
Invite family, friends, neighbors and co-workers and reserve your Easter weekend tickets today! (Tickets not needed for Palm Sunday and Good Friday services). Tickets are totally free –it’s our way of ensuring that everyone has a seat at each of the 30 services across all six of our campuses.  Scroll down to find your tickets below:

For Good Friday & Easter service times:

Palm Sunday: Could it be Him? | April 14

Here’s the scene: Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. He is hailed as the Savior, the King of the Jews, and people wave palm branches and lay down robes as a red carpet. There have been rumors that Jesus is the Messiah, but do they really believe it? They shout and cheer, all the while asking –just like us –“Could it be Him?”

Good Friday: Could it be Over? | April 19

In a sudden reversal, the people’s affection grows cold. Jesus, hailed as the Messiah just days before, is sentenced to death by the religious elite, the people themselves, and the Roman rulers. He endures agony beyond imagination and dies like a criminal on the cross. His followers don’t understand that his death is not the end. All they know is that Jesus is gone, along with hope, and they cry out — just like us –“Could it be Over?” 

Easter Weekend: Could it be True? | April 20-21

Then everything changes! Every single person is breathless and awestruck: Jesus is alive again! This spectacular reversal is the best news anyone could ever hear. The people rejoice: He is alive! He is victorious over sin and death! Suddenly, they squirm a little…isn’t this the most intense, personal love imaginable? They join the celebration with hesitation, and can’t help wondering– just like us– “Could it be True?”