Rock Your Family

Rock Your Family 2016

Ready for extreme fun? Kensington is "taking over" SpringHill Camp for a memory-building weekend of outdoor adventures, campfire surprises and life-changing teaching. Spend 48 hours getting closer to God and your clan. Kensington speakers will teach parents to love and lead their family spiritually through humor and real life experiences. Refresh your faith, build memories and have a total blast!

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  • What?

    We're back! Kensington families are returning to SpringHill Camp in Evart, MI for a wild weekend of "up North fun," family connection, and practical teaching. Imagine 550 acres of beautiful woods and lakes... with activities like kiddie splash park, water slides, zip-lines, climbing wall, canoeing, archery, skate park, indoor pool, mountain biking and more — plus exciting family challenges and a rockin' band! All families and all ages are welcome.

  • When?

    July 1-3, 2016 (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon)

  • Why?

    To spend quality time with each other. To challenge yourself and encourage each other. To learn how to strengthen your relationships as a family with Jesus at the center. Last year, over 350 families came!

  • How much?

    Cost per person varies, depending on the lodging level you choose – from "rustic" to "full-service." Price includes all lodging, meals, and tons of crazy activities.

  • What do I need?

    You can grab the RYF Packing List here. Note: this year’s schedule may look a bit different... we are Kensington after all! We will upload the final details for 2016 closer to the date of the event. Stay tuned.

  • What are the Housing differences?

    There are three types of housing to choose from: Rustic, Standard, and Premium.

    Rustic is housing with no electric but has a bathrooms nearby.

    Standard has electric with bathrooms nearby.

    Premium has electric with bathrooms inside.