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The Bible

Author: God | Format: Book | Length Varies

Description: Go "old school" with your small group and read the Bible. No study guide to follow. No DVD to watch. Just the world's all-time bestseller. Pick a book of the Bible and read it for 30 minutes each day. Then when you meet as a group discuss what you read.

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The Gospel of John

Author: Dan Kopp | Format: DVD and Discussion Guide | 8 Sessions

Description: An epic in the spirit of The Passion of the Christ, this widely acclaimed motion picture is a meticulous recreation of John's gospel. Narrated by Golden Globe nominee Christopher Plummer and starring Henry Ian Cusick. Each week you'll watch a portion of the movie, follow along in your Bible, then discuss. Download the study guide here.

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New Community Complete Study Series

Author: Bill Hybels & John Ortberg | Format: Study Guide | 6 Sessions per topic

Description: This series guides small groups through life-changing topics from a biblical perspective, in the context of community. Each volume (12 total) contains six sessions with Bible study, discussion questions, and community-building exercises. Click here to see the complete listing of titles that this series covers.

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For Men Only: A Guide to the Inner Lives of Women

Author: Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn | Length: 13 Sessions

Description: Think women are complicated? Take the guesswork out of the equation and learn to love her in the way she needs.

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She Calls Me Daddy

Author: Robert Wolgemuth | Format: Book (includes discussion questions) | 10 Sessions

Description: Learn the seven things every dad needs to know - protecting your daughter, teaching the art of conversation, expressing affection, disciplining appropriately, creating laughter, instilling faith in God, and demonstrating proper conduct. Whoever you are, however long ago your daughter was born, whatever your current situation, you can be a great daddy.

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R.E.A.L. Man

Author: Dave Wilson and Dan Kopp | Format: DVD and Discussion Guide | 4 Sessions

Description: What does it mean to be a man? Modern men suffer from an identity crisis because they don't know the answer to that question. This study tackles society's misconceptions about maleness head-on, and teaches on four pillars of manhood as defined by the Bible.

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Wild At Heart: Band of Brothers Edition

Author: John Eldredge | Format: DVD and Participant's Guide, Book (optional) | 8 sessions

Description: John Edredge's book, Wild at Heart, has been expanded to a small-group DVD Study! Dare to be the man God created you to be! You'll learn how God defines authentic masculinity and learn how He can heal wounded hearts and put a spirit of adventure back in your life.

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Raising a Modern Day Knight

Author: Robert Lewis | Format: Book, DVD & Workbook | 6 Sessions

Description: Every man wants to succeed with his son. Deep down, we all dream of releasing into the world a son whose life is highly competent, whose character is rock solid, and whose aspirations are noble. In short, we long for a son who will make us and others proud!

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For Women Only: A Guide to the Inner Lives of Men

Author: Shaunti Feldhahn | Length: 9 Sessions
Description: In a woman-to-woman conversation you'll never forget, learn about the secret battles, desires and fears of your man.

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Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman

Author: Beth Moore | Format: DVD and Member Book | 9 Sessions

Description: Join Beth in an in-depth examination of this great story of threat and deliverance. She peels back the layers of history and shows how contemporary and applicable Esther's story is to our lives. Just as it was tough being a woman in Esther's time, it's tough today. This portion of God's Word contains treasures to aid us in our hurried, harried, and pressured lives.

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Discerning the Voice of God

Author: Priscella Shirer | Format: DVD and Member Book | 6 Sessions

Description: Having a hard time hearing God's voice and distinguishing it from all others? This curriculum is designed to help participants do just that: To learn His language, character, and tone of voice. By growing closer to God through His Word, you'll be able to discern what he's saying in the midst of a noisy world.

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Relationships (Marriage, Dating, Engaged)

Staying in Love

Author: Andy Stanley | Length: 4 Sessions | Format: DVD

Description: Once you've found somone, what's the secret to staying together? Is it possible for two people to stay in love? Absolutely!

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The Survival Guide to Relationships

Author: Dave & Ann Wilson and Dan Kopp | Format: DVD and Study Guide | 6 Sessions

Description: Dave and Ann Wilson speak at marriage conferences across the country. In this study taken from a weekend series at Kensington, they share biblical truth on relationships with fun surprises, and practical advice. You'll learn what makes men tick, what makes women tick, and what ticks everyone off!

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Blessing of Couples Prayer

Author: Bob Ovies | Format: DVD & Printable Curriculum Sheets | 6 Sessions

Description: Do you believe that as a couple the most powerful weapon you prayer? Experience in truly inspiring ways the remarkable grace and fulfillment that comes from seeking God's company together in shared prayer on a daily basis.

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Love and Respect

Author: Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs | Format: Workbook | 14 Sessions

Description: Based upon Ephesians 5:33 and extensive biblical and psychological research, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs reveals the power of unconditional respect and how husbands and wives can reap the benefits of marriage that God intended.

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The Five Love Languages

Author: Dr. Gary Chapman | Format: Book & DVD | 12 Sessions

Description: What if you could say or do just the right thing guaranteed to make that special someone feel loved? The secret is learning the right love language! Millions of couples have learned the simple way to express their feelings and bring joy back into marriage: The Five Love Languages.

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Grace Based Parenting

Author: Dr. Tim Kimmel | Length: 6 Sessions | Format: Book, DVD

Description: In contrast to other fear-based parenting books, discover a refreshing way to identify our kids' needs and how to meet them.

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She Calls Me Daddy

Author: Robert Wolgemuth | Format: Book (includes discussion questions) | 10 Sessions

Description: Learn the seven things every dad needs to know - protecting your daughter, teaching the art of conversation, expressing affection, disciplining appropriately, creating laughter, instilling faith in God, and demonstrating proper conduct. Whoever you are, however long ago your daughter was born, whatever your current situation, you can be a great daddy.

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Parenting with Love and Logic

Author: Jim & Charles Fay | Format: Book | 7 Sessions

Description: Attempt to put the fun back in parenting! With this study, you will learn principles that help you raise children who are self-confident, motivated, and ready for the crazy culture ahead of them, with this win-win approach to parenting.

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The Kensington Family Primer

Author: Kensington | Format: Book | 6 Sessions

Description: This fun & interactive guide is designed to help you carry out your calling as a follower of Christ with your God-given responsibility as a parent. The goal of this journal is to help you see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes you both a better follower of Jesus and a better parent.

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Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships

Author: Chip Ingram | Length: 10 Sessions | Format: DVD/Workbook

Description: What does true love look like? Using Ephesians 5, Chip replaces common relational misconceptions with truths that last.

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The Five Love Languages Singles Edition

Author: Gary Chapman | Format: Book (includes study guide) | Varies

Description: The original best-selling book, The Five Love Languages, has now been taylored to meet the unique needs of singles: young or old, widowed, divorced, separated or never married, these proven principles of communicating and receiving love can apply in all your relationships, including friends, coworkers, classmates, or roommates.

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The Purity Principle

Author: Randy Alcorn | Format: Book and Study Guide | 4 Sessions

Description: This four-week study vividly portrays the choices every individual must make between purity and impurity-and the serious consequences that follow. Learn how purity glorifies God and benefits you. Because the battle for purity takes place in the mind, you'll adopt biblical strategies to mentally fight sexual temptation, and learn practical guidelines for living a pure life.

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Tough Questions (Apologetics)

The Case for a Creator

Author: Lee Strobel & Garry Poole | Length: 6 Sessions

Description: Far from being the enemy of faith, new discoveries in science may provide a solid foundation for the belief in a Creator.

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Letters from a Skeptic

Author: Greg Boyd and Edward Boyd | Format: Book (includes study guide questions) | Varies

Description: Greg Boyd longed for his father to become a Christian, so he offered a unique invitation: His father could write Greg with any questions about God, the Bible, theology, whatever - and he would in turn deliver a thoughtful response. What began as an intimate correspondence between father and son was published for all: 29 tough questions and answers, in an easy-to-understand format.

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Reason for God

Author: Tim Keller | Format: Discussion Guide & DVD | 6 Sessions

Description: Captured live and unscripted, pastor and author Timothy Keller meets with a group of people over six sessions to address their doubts and objections to Christianity. Using literature, philosophy, real-life experiences, and the Bible, Keller and the group explore the truth of Christianity.

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Spritual Growth

The Prodigal God

Author: Timothy Keller | Length: 6 Sessions

Description: The gospel is neither religion nor irreligion; morality nor immorality. Find your place at the table through a Prodigal God.

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24/7 with Jesus

Author: Craig Mayes and Dan Kopp | Format: DVD and Study Guide | 8 Sessions

Description: One of Kensington's most popular workshops is now available in small-group format. Explore the classic "spiritual practices" that Christians have used for 2,000 years to grow closer to God. Learn how those practices can enable you to live connected to Jesus every minute of every day, amidst the stress of work, family and activities.

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Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference?

Author: Philip Yancey | Format: DVD & Study Guide, Book (optional) | 6 Sessions

Description: Explore the most fundamental, challenging, perplexing, and deeply rewarding aspect of our relationship with God: prayer. Topics include: Is God listening? Why do so many prayers go unanswered? Why does God not intervene? Does prayer change God or change me? How can I make prayer more satisfying?

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Author: Rob Bell | Format: DVD (includes discussion guide) | Varies

Description: Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church and one of the nation's most gifted Bible teachers, has created this series of 20+ cinematic short films. Each session, the group will watch and discuss one Nooma DVD featuring Rob, who teaches on a specific aspect of Christian spirituality.

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Crazy Love

Author: Francis Chan | Format: Book & DVD | 10 sessions | More Info

Description: Its crazy, if you think about it. The God of the universe-the Creator of nitrogen and pine needles, galaxies, and E-minor - loves you with a radical unconditional love. God is calling you to a passionate love relationship with Himself. Because the answer to religious complacency isn't working harder at a list of dos and don'ts...its falling in love with God.

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In The Dust of the Rabbi: Becoming a Disciple

Author: Ray Vander Laan | Format: DVD (includes Discussion Guide) | 5 Sessions

Description: "Follow the rabbi, drink in his words, and be covered with the dust of his feet" (ancient Jewish proverb). Disciples followed Jesus so closely that they would literally be covered with the dust kicked up by his feet. Walk with teacher and historian Ray Vander Laan through the breathtaking terrain of Israel and Turkey and explore what it really means to be a disciple Jesus. Volume Six of the critically-acclaimed "Faith Lessons" series.

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Hole in the Gospel

Author: Richard Sterns | Format: Book, Study Guide, DVD | 6 Sessions

Description: This group study includes six sessions designed for individuals and small groups wishing to explore the question, "What does God expect of us?" The stories and quotations found in this study are excerpted from The Hole in Our Gospel written by Richard (Rich) Stearns, the president of World Vision.

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The Forgotten God

Author: Francis Chan | Format: Book & DVD | 7 Sessions

Description: God put His Spirit in us so we could be known for our power. Sadly, most believers and churches are known for talent and intellect rather than supernatural power. What's worse is that we're okay with it. In Forgotten God, breakthrough author Francis Chan returns us to the Holy Spirit as the Bible describes Him and invites us to understand, embrace and follow the Holy Spirit's direction in our lives.

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Author: Erwin McManus | Format: DVD & Workbook | 6 Sessions

Description: We are all, as Erwin Raphael McManus states, broken pieces of the image of God. And as Christians, too often we talk about God's ability to change lives without fully understanding how to access that power. The reason is simple: we ourselves have never been radically transformed. McManus explains how many people unknowingly block God from changing us and teaches readers the "texture of the heart" required to unleash God's transforming power within us.

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Author: Craig Groeschel | Format: DVD, Guide & Book | 6 Sessions

Description: "When people describe my lifestyle or family as weird, I find comfort," writes author and pastor Craig Groeschel. Journey with Groeschel as he shares a Christ-centered philosophy, on everything from money to scheduling to purity, that will help you break out of the normal rut and live according to the rhythms of God's grace and truth of his word.

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BASIC: Who is God

Author: Francis Chan | Format: workbook & DVD | 7 Sessions

Description: Join Francis Chan as he explores the weighty topic of the Trinity, distilling the reality of the nature of God into foundational truths. The seven unique sessions engage small groups in challenging, innovative, and accessible discussions of the nature of God and what that knowledge means for those who believe in Him.

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Theology 101

Author: Various Authors | Format: Collection of Articles | Optional to group

Description: Not everyone will go to Bible college or seminary, but what if there was a CliffsNotes version? A group of deep thinkers and seminary grads from Kensington gathered articles on 11 topics including Spiritual Disciplines, the Bible, God, the Trinity, Judgement, Following Jesus, Gray Areas of Scripture, Prayer, Spiritual Warfare, the Holy Spirit, and Dreams. Each topic is about 4 sessions. This curriculum is one of our best kept secrets and will stretch your mind and heart.

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Financial Peace University

Author: Dave Ramsey | Length: 13 Sessions | More Info

Description: Gaining control of your finances will transform your life. Topics include budgets, debt reduction, retirement and insurance.

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The Treasure Principle

Author: Randy Alcorn | Format: Book and Bible Study | 12 Sessions

Description: This is one of the smallest books you'll ever read, but it may also be the most impacting book of your life. Best-selling author Randy Alcorn removes the guilt from giving as he unpackages a radical teaching of Jesus - a secret wrapped up in giving. And once you discover this secret, life will never look the same. And you won't want it to!

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Journey Home

The Book of James

Author: God | Format: Book | 6 Sessions

Description: This is a six-part study about living like we follow God, and not just talking about it. A good study for new followers of Jesus or for those of us in need of some motivation and perspective. It includes light reading, lots of group discussion and individual challenges. (Crossroads Church)

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Freedom Fighting (Bible Study)

Author: God | Format: Book | 6 Sessions

Description: There is a larger-than-life struggle going on in this world that you can't see with your eyes. You're invited to enter to fray, and you have a destiny to not only engage, but to overcome evil. This six week study looks at what it means to overcome strongholds and to fight for freedom, for ourselves and others. (Crossroads Church)

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Forgiveness (Bible Study)

Author: God | Format: Book | 6 Sessions

Description: Forgiveness frees us from many levels of bondage that God encourages us to walk away from. When we forgive, we are freed from things like bitterness, fear, resentment, anger, sadness, isolation and pain. For the next six weeks, consider the possibility that forgiveness is for you, and God has blessings waiting for you on the other side. (Crossroads Church)

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Repenting of Religion (Bible Study)

Author: God | Format: Book | 6 Sessions

Description: Whether we realize it or not, some of us have bought into the lie of religion-the lie of judgment-missing the whole love-giving relationship that Jesus had portrayed for us to live. It's time that we leave judging behind. This six-week study is based on the book, "Repenting of Religion," by Greg Boyd. Reading the book in conjunction with this study is recommended, though purchasing the book is not required. (Crossroads Church)

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The Early Church (Bible Study)

Author: God | Format: Book | 7 Sessions

Description: The Early Church is a seven-week study focusing on the experiences of the first followers of Jesus. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that we have to be just like the early church, but certainly Jesus' first followers were intimately aware of his teachings, and thankfully wrote down what it was like for them. Each week has some reading, some Bible verses to reference, and questions to talk over with your small group. (Crossroads Church)

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Remember:A Communion Study (Bible Study)

Author: God | Format: Book | 5 Sessions

Description: A small group study for those interested in learning about and experiencing Communion, this resource is designed as a five-week study, and it works best if each member of the group does some reading and responds to the reflection questions prior to each meeting. (Crossroads Church)

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Core Strength: A Study on the Spiritual Disciplines (Bible Study)

Author: God | Format: Book | 6 Sessions

Description: Everyone knows that a strong core is essential for a healthy body, and achieving and maintaining it requires discipline. Spiritual muscles need the same discipline. Having a meaningful relationship with God requires intentionality-a deliberate choice to pursue growth- and the decision to keep at it. This is a study that examines how to build up that strength through the spiritual disciplines of prayer, solitude, service, meditation, fasting and worship. Spiritual disciplines help us remember what our hearts really want and what God wants for us. (Crossroads Church)

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Prayer (Bible Study)

Author: God | Format: Book | 6 Weeks

Description: Prayer is more than just putting the right words together. It's about having a relationship with God. This six week study tackles some of the preconceived notions you might have about prayer, and provides you with challenges to take you deeper into your prayer or to get you to pray for the first time. (Crossroads Church)

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Poverty (Bible Study)

Author: God | Format: Book | 6 Sessions

Description: We should realize that there is something deeply wrong with our world when some have cupboards full of food spoiling while others are eating out of dumpsters. This six week study wrestles with how to respond to the problem of poverty. (Crossroads Church)

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Love/Sex (Bible Study)

Author: God | Format: Book | 6 Sessions

Description: Society has a lot to say about sex, and not much of it involves love. So let's take a look at what the God who made sex has to say about it. This six week study looks at what God's design for sex was and considers where he plays a part, what love has to do with it, and how that should affect our views of sex. (Crossroads Church)

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Hunger (Bible Study)

Author: God | Format: Book | Varies

Description: This one is more of a discussion starter, and can be finished in an evening, if you choose. This brief study examines the notion of spiritual hunger and how it might be satisfied, and includes discussion questions and suggested Bible readings. (Crossroads Church)

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