Impact Fund Impact Fund

Impact Fund

Webster's defines "impact" as a powerful influence. Which is exactly what this targeted fund is all about. By driving our Big Three initiatives – starting new campuses, planting new churches, and supporting Global Partners – the Impact Fund is spreading God's influence around the world.

Water Pump

Under the radar. Outside the budget. This unique fund does not go toward our operating expenses or capital campaigns. Instead, it's a direct pipeline that individuals can use to support things that are important to many of us here. Things like exporting the Kensington experience into different areas, birthing new churches, and helping out in Kenya, India and Palestine.

Coffee Cup

To support this fund, you can contribute financially. Or donate a gift in kind. Or buy a cup of coffee. A portion of the proceeds from every sale at Chubby's Cafe (Troy) goes to the Impact Fund. Every cup is imprinted with our promise to "feed kids, dig wells and start churches all over the world." It's a tasty way to make a difference. You could say it's coffee with a cause.


People support the Impact Fund in a variety of creative ways, like car donations, building rentals, and memorial gifts. Many who are preparing their estate plan consider it a great place to allocate a portion of their assets. Unlike other channels, this "R&D" fund enables a steady stream of gifts to pour directly into church start-ups and overseas projects.

Ready to Help?

If you would like to be involved with the Impact Fund by making a unique contribution or maybe just have a question about the whole process, contact us today and we'll give you all the details.