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Help Bank

Benevolence in action.

Benevolence is a big churchy word that simply means a generous gift or an act of kindness. And that's our goal at Help Bank - to help folks who call Kensington home through the rough spots. We can't make all their problems disappear, but we'll hang in there - praying, encouraging, and guiding them to assistance resources. We combine short-term financial help with long-term relationships aimed at creating permanent change.

How you can help.

When you give to the Help Bank, your gift is used exclusively to help others. We provide financial assistance to our congregation (and walk-ins) with a two-pronged approach: For urgent needs, we hand out emergency food boxes with few questions asked. But for larger, on-going needs, we invite attenders to step into community at their local campus. You could say, we "give out fish" when necessary, but we also "teach them to fish" by supplying wise counsel from experts in specific areas.

Tough times can hit anyone. Thanks for helping us make a difference when they do.