F.A.Q. F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's NOT About Meeting Budgets

Dial 248-786-0637. You will speak with a real, live, human being. There is no menu to figure out, no numbers to press, and your call will not be recorded for quality control purposes. Just ring us during business hours and let's chat. If you prefer email, use giving@kensingtonchurch.org

What are your basic beliefs about money?

One of our core values is to "live openhandedly." We believe that God has blessed Kensington because we've followed two principles from the beginning: First, we see ourselves as a pipeline God can use to bless his people through. We don't hang onto offerings or hoard up cash; we just direct it to where it's most useful. Second, we see money as a tool to help accomplish God's will in the earth. It was his to start with, and we are only his "money managers."

Where does Kensington get its money?

Donald Trump won't return our calls. So there's no phantom billionaire picking up the tab. It's the financial generosity of lots and lots of everyday people in our community that fuels the incredible life change that we experience around here. Our support comes from many individual contributions and offerings, including the tithes of our attenders.

What the heck is a tithe?

Under Old Testament law, Israelites were required to give 10% (a "tithe") of their earning. The New Testament suggests a similar, but voluntary, pattern. Paul says believers should regularly set aside a portion of their income to support the church (1 Corinthians 16:1-2). The exact amount isn't stated, but we see the 10% figure as a good benchmark for serious Christ-followers. If you're not there yet, consider it a target to work towards. All of us should pray and seek God's wisdom on how much to give. Remember, the time and money we give Jesus can be a pretty good indicator of how much we love him and trust him.

Does Kensington have high accounting standards?

We're committed to full financial integrity, and employ a system of strict internal controls. Plus, we have an annual external audit from the independent CPA firm of Tobias, Vandeputte & Skulsky, Inc. You can request a copy of their report for any year and you will find that money given to Kensington is well managed. Contact us at giving@kensingtonchurch.org to discuss our financial practices.

How does your budgeting process work?

Each ministry calculates their objectives and costs for the year. Then, appropriate staff contacts review the figures and may recommend changes based on the overall vision for the church. The final proposal covering all ministries and operations is developed by our Finance & Development Department and the Executive Team. Their budget recommendation is submitted to the Elders for review. Following approval by the Elders, it is submitted for a congregational vote at our annual business meeting in June.

Do you have an open book policy?

Come on in and check it out. We are glad to show our financial data to anyone who requests to see it. Simply contact our Finance office and we will set up a meeting. If you have questions, you may contact our Director of Finance, Dave Smith, directly at dave.smith@kensingtonchurch.org

Can I find out individual staff salaries?

Comparing paychecks is a bad idea. In a church, releasing income info could lead to misunderstandings among staff members and in the congregation. People might make value assessments ("he's paid too much or too little") without being privy to performance reviews and other criteria used to set a salary. We believe you can trust our leaders and HR department to make wise decisions.

What principles are used in setting salaries?

We survey similar churches across the country to see what a similar staff position pays. Then we weigh in the cost of living in Metro Detroit and Orlando, the individual's job performance, and the overall faithfulness and fruitfulness of the staff member. Across the board, our staff compensation is in line with (or below) comparably-sized churches.

What happens with yearly left-over money?

In the unlikely event that would ever happen, there is a secret fund to bankroll our lead pastor's private hunting lodge. Once that's paid for, all extra monies will be set aside for his private jet. Joking! Leftover money is put back into the General Fund for the following year.

Will I be pressured to give?

Never. We do receive an offering at our services, but there's never, ever any pressure to give – especially for visitors. No guilt trips, no squeezing. Kensington is supported financially by people who've cheerfully chosen to make it their church home. Giving is a form of worship, not a form of torture.

How does e-giving work?

E-giving is the easy way to make contributions to Kensington directly from your checking or savings account, credit or debit card. You can set up any specific dollar amount to be automatically deducted weekly, monthly, or whenever. Every day, more Kensington friends are switching to this fast, safe, convenient way to give to God's work. To get started, click here.