Giving at Kensington Giving at Kensington

Giving at Kensington

It's NOT About Meeting Budgets

Every year, Kensington's membership votes on our annual budget – approving our 12-month financial playbook. As a thriving church with multiple sites, a great team, and a worldwide ministry, it takes over $19M a year to keep it running. Fortunately, our partners are cheerful givers. What have they discovered? That openhanded living produces great joy – even fun! It also produces spiritual maturity, teamwork, and a deeper faith in God's absolute dependability.

It IS About Making a Difference

Nobody wants to live a wasted life. Being generous with our time, talent and treasure can make a difference now – by giving water to the thirsty, medicine to the sick, or shelter to the homeless. And it can make a difference in eternity – by sharing the saving message of Jesus. You can do both by supporting the people and programs of a high-impact church like Kensington. In a culture that’s characterized by selfishness, giving expresses the radical compassion of Christ.

It's NOT About Wealthy Preachers

Over 150 people work at Kensington. Half fulltime, half part-time. But no one's here for the money. From techies to teachers, anybody on staff could earn more in a corporate environment for doing equivalent work. Using comparably-sized churches as a reference, our elders balance a dynamic equation: To heed the Bible's injunction to provide for the needs of productive church workers – and to operate as frugally as possible with careful oversight of God's money.

It's NOT About Buildings and Microphones

Our approach to arts, video, and music performances is different from typical churches. To some, our on-stage productions appear over the top, with lighting and sound that rival a concert experience. Why invest in these things? Because we believe excellence honors God. And that introducing people to Jesus in a clear, compelling, culturally relevant way requires a delivery method that's a cut above. This isn't business as usual – it is the only business that really matters.

It's NOT About Serving Ourselves

Jesus modeled servant leadership by leaving heaven and serving humanity – all the way to sacrificing his life for our salvation. From healing the sick to feeding the poor, he always put others first. And so should we. Our goal is to utilize God's resources here so people locally can know him, and there to expand his kingdom around the globe. From campuses in Michigan and Florida, we reach out to the world because our heart is for others, and we give to that end.

It's NOT About Building an Empire

We've enjoyed remarkable growth, but the movement called Kensington is not about boasting "Bigger and better!" or trying to outdo other groups. It's not about pumping up our leader's reputation or winning national acclaim. It's simply about drawing people to Christ in a loving and humble way, then releasing them to use their God-given gifts to make a difference. In short, we're learning what it means to live a surrendered life, as individuals and as a church.

It IS About Setting Our Priorities

When we give, we are acknowledging three things: First, everything that we have comes from the merciful hand of God. Second, the quality of our life is not measured by accumulating wealth, but by wisely investing it. Third, it is a privilege to be God's instruments on earth and distribute his resources to a broken, hurting world. When we give, we are actually making a conscious decision to exchange our plans, agendas and priorities for God's.

It IS About Growing Our Faith

Giving demonstrates our faith that the God who has provided for us in the past will provide for us in the future. It's the opposite of fear. Fearful people hang on with white-knuckles to anything they can get. Faithful people (or at least those who are growing in their faith) see everything in life as a gift from God – including their money. Every time we open our hands in generosity, we are saying to God, "This is yours anyway – please use it for your purposes".