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Marriages can hit some pretty bumpy roads. And for some of us, those bumps can feel like canyons. Just know this: there is hope! Studies show that couples who hang in there and stay married are happier than they ever thought possible five years later. The other good news is this: you have others who care about you and your spouse... and desire to help you through these bumps and hurdles. Because your marriage matters to God (and to us!), we have an army of dedicated volunteers at each campus ready to come alongside you, listen to what's going on, and provide some good light - even when things feel very dark. If you're concerned about your marriage, have questions, or just need to talk to someone, please contact one of our Campus Marriage Teams listed below. Someone will get back to you soon:


Counselors We Trust

Disclaimer: At this website we have selected counselors in the community who we believe will provide wise care and counsel to you. So that you can find the most appropriate counselor to assist you, we encourage you to interview more than one person before making a final selection.

Attaining counselor information from this site acknowledges the release of liability from any claim, or litigation whatsoever involving Kensington Church.

Accessing the list means that you agree to the above disclaimer.

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    • Troy
      Perspectives of Troy

      Perspectives of Troy
      248.244.8644 |
      Family, Couples, Individuals & Youth
      Insurance accepted - Interns available for lower cost

    • Troy
      Connie Hutchinson

      Connie Hutchinson, MSW
      Couples and individuals
      Anxiety, Addiction, Depression, Sex Addiction, Intimacy and Attachment Disorders, & Relationships
      Most insurance accepted - flexible rates available

    • Troy
      Maryclare Baird

      Maryclare Baird, LPC - Crossing Counseling LLC
      248.770.9365 |
      Couples and individuals
      Marriage, Premarital, Grief & Loss, Family, Depression
      Insurance not accepted - familiar with many resources and options

    • Roch
      Oakland Hills

      Oakland Hills Counseling
      248.844.2647 /
      Rob Shive, MA, LPC
      Karen Shive, MA, LLPC
      Sheela Wright, MA, LLPC, NCC
      Sherry Hall, MA, LLP
      Dennis Paryaski, MA, TLLP
      Individual, couples, families and youth

    • Troy

      Trinity Family Counseling Center
      Shelby Township | 586.254.3663 |
      Individuals, couples, families, adolescents, groups
      Please visit our website for a comprehensive list of services
      Sliding scale based on income; Intern available for minimal fee

    • Orion
      George & Tamara Kelly

      George & Tamara Kelly, LPC
      Rochester Hills | 248.651.0900 |
      Family, couples, individuals & adolescents
      Marriage, Parenting, Sexual Abuse, Self-Destructive Behavior, Anxiety & Depression
      Insurance not accepted

    • Orion

      Treeside Psychological Clinic
      Lake Orion | 248.693.9614 |
      Family, couples, individuals & youth
      Specializing in Addiction, Grief & Loss, Recent & Long Term Trauma
      Insurance reimbursement - Free consult available to discuss therapy & cost

    • Orion
      Pina Newman

      Pina Newman MA, LPC
      Rochester | 248.505.5235 |
      Couples, Individuals, & Youth
      Marriage, Parenting, Depression, Anxiety, Recovery, & Relationships
      Most insurances accepted - flexible rates available

    • Orion
      Dan Austin

      Dan Austin MA, LPC - Hope Marriage & Family Counseling
      Rochester Hills | 248.496.1088 |
      Specializing in relationship issues with couples, pre-marital, family & individual coaching, sexual issues, infidelity, conflict, loss of connection, relational abuse, blended family, unwanted divorce

    • East

      Grace Counseling Center
      Detroit | 313.343.9000 |
      Families, couples, individuals & adolescents
      Insurance not accepted - flexible rates available

    • East

      Trinity Family Counseling Center
      Shelby Township | 586.254.3663 |
      Individuals, couples, families, adolescents, groups
      Please visit our website for a comprehensive list of services
      Sliding scale based on income; Intern available for minimal fee

    • East
      Wentworth and Associates

      Wentworth and Associates
      Utica | 586.997.3153 |
      Family, couples, individuals & youth
      Anxiety & depression; ADD/ADHD testing/counseling
      Most insurance accepted - lower cost options available

    • West
      Christian Family Services

      Christian Family Services
      Southfield | 248.557.8390 |
      Family, couples, individuals & children
      Marital issues, anxiety & depression, addictions
      Insurance reimbursement - flexible rates available

    • West
      Bill Horton

      Bill Horton, PsyD
      Birmingham | 248.377.9428
      Couples & individuals
      Specializing in Trauma Issues
      Insurance not accepted - flexible rates available

    • West
      Sam Cherian

      Sam Cherian, PhD
      Royal Oak | 248.677.3901 |
      Couples & individuals
      Specializing in Young/Older Adults, Life Transition, Ministry Issues
      Insurance reimbursement available

    • Low Cost

      Interns Counseling
      Plymouth | 734.207.5207 |
      Moody Theological Seminary
      Graduate student intern rate: $30 per session
      Licensed therapist rate: $50 per session (when available)

      Many larger counseling offices offer interns at a lower hourly rate. If money is an issue, ask them if there is one available.

    • Free
      Oakland University

      Oakland University Counseling
      Rochester Hills | 248.370.2633
      Not Christian, but FREE
      Part of their doctorate program

If you need further assistance or want to provide us feedback on one or more of these counselors, please contact Care Initiatives at Kensington Church at 248.786.0592.

Help Others

Help Marriages at Your Campus

If you're excited about this initiative and want to volunteer at your campus, please contact your Campus Marriage Team:

Be a Small Group Leader

Small groups are communities of people in the same life-stage who come together to support each other, grow spiritually, and develop lasting relationships. They're a great way to connect folks to God and each other - but we need both new and experienced leaders to host!

To sign up as a leader, click here.

Be a Mentor

For couples who are engaged, newly married, or need some help through a tough season, having another couple in their life to provide biblical guidance, share advice, and listen prayerfully is a priceless advantage. To be a mentor, you don't need to have all the answers (training is provided) - but you do need to have been married for at least five years. To sign up as a mentor, e-mail