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You've made it to this page! Well done!

Congrats on not wimping out. Spiritual formation and leadership development takes guts. Learning to use your gifts alongside talented, experienced people to spread the Gospel is a pretty big deal. It’s not for everyone, but if God’s nudging you, it’s an experience that will equip, empower, and educate you to serve His amazing purposes.
Here are four important steps in the online application process:

  1. Register by creating a username and login or just login.
  2. Fill in the form completely. (You may want to work on your answers in a Word document and then cut and paste into the application, as you can't save as you go.)
  3. Press SEND.
  4. Pray like crazy.

Once your application is received it will be reviewed and you may be scheduled for an interview. Not all applicants will be interviewed. If selected you will be connected with a Kensington ministry. Once in place, they’ll take on significant and meaningful roles that fit their desired internship outcomes.

application deadline
Deadline to apply for internships is May 1st. Space is limited.

donor development
Once the intern applicants have been selected, a team meeting will be arranged with the Kensington Donor Development team. This meeting provides the interns with the plan and the tools for raising financial support. It will teach them how to cast compelling vision to potential supporters, provide strategies necessary to raise money, and walk through the timeline for raising support. Interns will develop a sample budget prior to beginning their internship, and this budget will dictate the intern’s financial support goals. 50% of all required support is due by August 1st. This support must be on deposit with Kensington in the designated intern account.
Interns are required to raise their own financial support for several reasons. First, it puts your skin in the game (how bad do you want this?). Second, the accountability to your donors helps you stick it out. This helps interns follow through regardless of how challenging it becomes. Thirdly, it enables the intern to focus entirely on their internship without the distraction of balancing multiple jobs. Finally, it gives others the opportunity to invest in your leadership development. That’s an act of faith on their part, and they’ll back you up with prayer and moral support.

donor matching
Kensington will match up to $2000 of contributions raised by the intern. Once an intern has received their first $1000 in donations, Kensington will match the $1000 and will deposit and additional $1000 into the designated intern account. Kensington will also match another $1000 once $2000 has been donated to for his or her internship.

That’s it for the disclaimers. Welcome to the beginning. Proceed with the application process if you dare, safe return is doubtful! Just kidding. Sort of.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Get ready to learn while you lead!

Liz Harfield

Director - Kensington Internship Program