About Internships

Why Interns?

Because the world needs effective, high impact leaders with hands-on experience.

Our church-based internship program provides a total immersion environment for men and women to develop skills and be challenged. With hard core on-the-job training and no monkey business. Okay, a little monkey business. These home-grown leaders are educated, empowered and equipped to make a difference – locally and globally – in churches, missions, governments and workplaces. With a primary focus on leadership development, Kensington interns are given real-world responsibilities for the day-to-day operation of their specific ministry. The program also offers the experience, training, and accountability to transform participants into more spiritually mature, Christ-centered leaders. After going through a rigorous application process, our gifted interns bring real benefit to Kensington. But our main desire is that they grow holistically – to sharpen job skills, build character, and grow in their faith. They will be trained by our best and mentored by our brightest, not only vocationally, but theologically in multiple ministry areas.

10 Month Internship Program

Welcome! You have just stepped into the world of Leadership Development. Simply put, the Kensington Internship program is a process that develops and deploys Kingdom leaders. And that takes a lot of hard work and commitment. But it’s also a ton of fun! Together our interns and staff have a blast learning and stretching and being part of a really successful ‘farm club’ – with the goal of serving God at a higher level.

Our 10 Month Internship officially begins in the first week of August and continues through the last week in May the following year. Interns generally commit to a 20-40 hour work week, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Intern Director. Tuesdays and Thursdays are office days (classes need to be scheduled accordingly).


Each intern devotes 15 percent of their weekly intern time to an educational process where they will rub shoulders with some of the region’s strongest leaders, learning proven principles and best practices from experts in leadership and theology.


The bulk of internship is hands-on, boots-on-the-ground work. But this isn’t about getting someone’s coffee or making copies. This is about high stakes projects and key roles within different ministries. Flourish or fail, every task is a learning experience. We expect great things from our accepted applicants – and we’ve never been disappointed.


Each intern will devote 10 percent of their week to thinking through their next steps – what happens when their internship is over? Whether by doing research or building relationships, interns use this specific time to develop strategies and tactics to ensure they’re ready to move into a higher level of leadership when the process is complete.

Israel/Palestine Internship

This internship will offer an opportunity to learn and develop evangelism and ministry skills in a cross-cultural context through working with one of Kensington’s global partners in Israel/Palestine. Starting in August, our interns will join the Kensington intern team and engage in a focus area amongst the Kensington staff, training in evangelism through our Alpha course, while also joining a special track which will include specialized Israel/Palestine and cross cultural training.

Those interns on this team will then travel to Israel/Palestine to do a two month internship in the region(Mid-January through mid-March). Projects will include working in English as a second language at universities, kids soccer leagues, school programs and other practical serving opportunities in Israel and the West Bank.

The team will return to the states in Mid-March and conclude their internship through the end of May at Kensington by engaging in opportunities to serve at Kensington, local Arab community and other local cross-cultural opportunities.

Interns will raise support for the 10 month internship (which will vary depending on your living arrangements) as well as the associated costs for the 2 month mission which will be approximately $6,500.

K-Kids Summer Internship

The K-Kids Summer Internship runs from late May through early August, and requires about 20 hours per week. This 12-week program is the best way to gain experience with kids, education, and children’s ministry. Interns work directly with a campus team, implementing Sunday mornings in key roles. They have one office day per week where they meet as a team for specific training related to kids and family ministry and meet with their staff team to prepare for the weekend program. Interns are also involved in the planning and execution of a week-long outreach to kids in their local community. Focus areas include Elementary or Early Childhood Creative Programming & Small Groups, Lesson Planning, Teaching, Caregiving and more.

KROCK Summer Internship

Our K-Rock summer internship offers people who have talents in theatre/music arts and a passion for kids an opportunity to make a big impact.

At K-Rock, We believe that when kids have the opportunity to create, they can communicate God's love in a powerful way. Kids that Rock, or "K-Rock," is a program designed to train, encourage and challenge kids in the arts as well as give them a platform to share their gifts with others.

Focus areas include:

  • Dance, Drama and Acting Instruction
  • Service Production
  • Inner-city Arts Programs
  • Stage Managing
  • Set/Costume Design

For a glimpse of what K-Rock is visit www.kensingtonchurch.org/krock

This summer internship starts in May and goes through the middle of August. This internship includes opportunities to lead kids at our Kensington Campuses, with our school partners, in some urban ministry settings as well as a possible international missions trip.