Edge is a movement of High School students looking to understand God, their world and themselves. Relevant teaching and cutting-edge events allow students to connect spiritually and socially with peers.


Troy Breakaway/Edge Cedar Point 2015

Troy Breakaway/Edge Cedar Point 2015

Cedar Point is known for a couple of things. It's known as the roller coaster capital of the world. With 120-mph roller coasters that have 80-degree drops. Plus exhilarating water rides that thrill you, soak you and beg you to ride 'em again.

Now imagine doing that with busloads of Kensington students to hang out with! Come ride with us as we go to one of the best parks this world has to offer! All middle and high school students are welcome on Tuesday, June 16th. Cost is $75. Save your spot, register now.

NTS 2015

NTS 2015

Never The Same (NTS) Camp is an action-packed week of summer (July 12-17) that creates space for middle and high school students to connect with their Creator, with friends, and a caring adult small group leader from Kensington. We believe that NTS can be a pivotal point in the life of each student. They will leave not only with a new understanding of God’s unique design for their lives, but with shared experiences, strong friendships, and an invitation to impact the world around them. Join our Birmingham, Clinton Township, Orion, Shelby and Troy Campuses as we head to New York this summer!

Registration is open now!

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