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Bible Basics

Whether you are brand new to the Bible or have been reading it for decades, Bible Basics is a course that will help you understand the overall flow of the Bible. Over the course of several weeks, learn how the Bible came from the original writers to the English versions we have today. We’ll look at the big-picture story of the Bible and how all the individual books add to the whole. We’ll even learn a little about the history of the Jewish nation. But most of all, we’ll grow in our awe of the amazing author of this amazing book!

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What is my purpose? How do I pray? How can I grow in confidence to share my faith? Alpha is a ten-week session designed to explore foundational questions of the Christian faith. Locations and dates at

Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a catalyst to help people live in financial freedom and enable them to have a posture of openhandedness. We have witnessed thousands of Kensington families experience life change as a result of applying Biblical truths to their personal finances. The real blessing is seeing people create lives of margin that allow them to hear and respond to the Lord’s calling on their lives.

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Discovering Kensington

Join us for a Discovering Kensington event and find out what this church is all about and what it looks like to belong here. It’s a great place to ask your questions and plan your own next steps for growing, belonging, and serving. Locations and dates at


Creation Emerges From Chaos

“Now the earth was formless and empty. Darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God... Continue Reading


As You Go

This Sunday, during week 3 of our Go! Series, we listened to a story from Craig Mayes, Interim Lead P... Continue Reading


Faith And The Family

Our KKids staff has worked hard to bring encouragement to families throughout the pandemic wit... Continue Reading


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