Christmas at Kensington

Christmas Services 2017


December 25: Just Another Day

This year, Kensington’s Christmas service was titled December 25: Just Another Day. Curious? Confused? Well, we considered the question, “What if Jesus had never been born?” by looking at the far-reaching influence the birth of Jesus Christ had on the world and on us personally. Peer into the world that would have been if not for the birth of this baby in a manger 2,000 years ago, and see why Christmas can never be “Just Another Day!”


The Heart of Christmas

Christmas can be magical with its decorations, lights, gifts, and holiday cheer, but beneath the surface, all of these festivities exist because of the birth of Jesus Christ. As we consider the Christmas story of the Bible, we find three words that are used often at this time of the year: Joy, Peace, and Love. These are the very heart of Christmas. Join us for this three-week series as we dig into the meaning and deepen our experience of Joy, Peace, and Love this season.

Watch the series here.

Download the week 1, Joy to the World, discussion guide here.
Download the week 2, Peace on Earth, discussion guide here.
Download the week 3, For God So Loved, discussion guide here.


Make an impact this Christmas

Our hearts are bursting with joy, anticipation and thankfulness for all that God is doing in our midst. None of it would be possible without the radical display of generosity and openhandedness from the thousands of you who give freely, sacrificially and joyfully.

Your Year-End Christmas Gift will allow us to continue reaching more people with the hope, love and transformative power of Jesus. It’s a gift that impacts people in our communities and all over the world. It’s your generosity that spreads the greatest gift ever given, all over the world.

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