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Shawna Schwaninger

The Gift Of Time

As much as I love being busy, I fully understand the value of slowing down. No one can run at full speed all of the time.

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Andrew Kim

I Am Not A Virus | From An Asian American

By Andrew Kim, Troy Campus Teaching Pastor
with support from Steve Andrews, Hebert Cabral, Kleber Cabral, Danny Cox, Cliff Johnson, Joel Leipprandt, Craig McGlassion, Jeremiah Roy, Justin Warns, Cody Wilson, Dave Wilson, and Chris Zarbaugh.

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Terry Barnett

Blended Family: Rom-Com Turned Reality TV

The scene opens with a man and woman in the heartache of divorce after nearly 10 years of marriage. There are tears, agony, heartache and pain. But the somber music shifts into that upbeat, joyful tune that foreshadows happiness is on the horizon.

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Current Events
Kristin Pelletier

A Conversation On Race

It is so important that we don’t disconnect our lives from history. It would be a great tragedy to disconnect ourselves from the victories and failures of our ancestors. In Memphis in the 60s, I grew up in a society that celebrated the victories and didn’t recognize the failures. To do this is to go through life sleep-walking. Our goal as human beings has to be to continually become more and more awake. -Steve Andrews

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Terri Cracchiolo

My Move Out Story: Warming the Homeless

Terri doesn’t do this because she has to or she should, it is life-giving to her. “Serving is a huge blessing!” she says. She encourages others to get up and move out to meet needs – “you’ll find love for these people you didn’t even know you had.”

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