Steve Andrews

Fighting Human Trafficking In Nepal

I’ll stay awake thinking about the 12 years and 12 hours a day of blinding heat, suffocating dust and horrific evil that leaves Usha undaunted. She’s a warrior. Maybe she can’t can’t save the whole world, but she saved a 16-year-old girl today from a life of never-ending horror.

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Kristin Pelletier

Little Miss Perfect

Remembering that I am made from dust feels good to me. It’s not that I am inconsequential or insignificant, but there is a rightness about realizing that I am not God and I don’t carry his responsibilities.

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jacob hawkins
Charlotte Kelly

Why And How Should We Pray?

Growing up, prayers were introduced to me as rote memorized words that were repeated regularly to God. Some were recited daily, like grace before meals. Others were generally reserved for our corporate weekly gatherings and

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