Birmingham Kkids


We love our kids, and we want to give them every chance to connect with God!

Babies and toddlers receive nurturing care and have fun activities in a safe and loving environment. Preschoolers and elementary kids participate in high-energy music, creative lessons and games, and have tons of fun learning about Jesus.


The KKids Welcome Center.

If you are already pre-registered, you will see your name pop up after you enter your telephone number.  Tap your name then the names of the children  you would like to check in for that service. A sticker will print out for each of the children you are checking in.

If you are new to the the Kkids area and have not pre-registered, the process is quick and easy. Go to one of the Kensington Kids Welcome Centers. You and your children will be registered and receive a temporary parent/child sticker set for the day, specific to your family only.  In the future, you can use the kiosk for self checkin. Click here to pre-register

  • Nursery – 1 adult per 3 children
  • Two-year-olds – 1 adult per 6 children
  • Three-to-Five-year-olds – 1 adult per 8 children
  • Elementary – 1 adult per 10 children

Kensington Kids is offered for all children birth through fifth grade and for those with special needs.

When your children receive a sticker or tag, the parent will also receive a sticker tag. On the parent sticker/tag there is a number that corresponds to a number that is printed on your child’s tag. When you come to pick up your child, one of the adult volunteers in the room will cross check your number with your child’s number. These two numbers match so that we know this is your child, and it prevents any other adult from taking your child out of the room.



Elementary March 2020 (DIY)
“Each of us has been hurt. Tough as it is, God can help us choose forgiveness: deciding that someone who has wronged you doesn’t have to pay. With His help, you can “do it yourself”—because forgiveness is up to you.” To follow along with what your child is learning each month, download the Parent Cue App.

Elementary April (Upside Down)
“Every day, we have the chance to put someone else first and flip their day upside down. After all, Jesus turned everything upside down. He can help us choose humility and give up what we think we deserve.” To follow along with what your child is learning each month, download the Parent Cue App.


Early Childhood March 2020 (Follow the Leader)
“Who can you follow? I can follow Jesus.” To follow along with what your child is learning each month, download the Parent Cue App.

Early Childhood April (Bloom)
“Who is alive? Jesus is alive.” To follow along with what your child is learning each month, download the Parent Cue App.


Sunday at 9:30am, 11am

Family Pre-Registration

We’re excited to meet your family. Please share a little information with us now, which helps ensure a timely and seamless check-in process later.

Join us for these Midweek services on Wednesdays at 7pm and experience a powerful time of worship and in-depth teaching. Please RSVP to attend in-person services below, or subscribe and watch online.

The current monthly location rotation is: first Wednesday at Orion campus, second Wednesday at Troy campus, third at Clinton Twp campus. **No Midweek on the fourth or fifth Wednesdays.

December 23 | No Midweek

December 30 | No Midweek

January 6 | Orion Campus | RSVP coming soon

January 13 | Troy Campus | RSVP coming soon

January 20 | Clinton Twp Campus | RSVP coming soon


“Hi! I am Amanda Alters and I am the Kids Director at Kensington Birmingham. I grew up going to Kensington and I am forever thankful for the way that God has used this church and its community to shape my life. I am passionate about showing kids and their families what it means to have a relationship with their Creator and what it looks like to follow Him.

My husband Miles and I were married in 2011 and have two young kids, Everly and Elliott. We love spending days at the lake, camping, family bike rides and being outside as much as we can. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me!”



Location: Orion Campus

Times: Sundays – 9 & 11am

RSVP required: yes

Traverse City

Location: Traverse City Campus

Times: Sundays –  9 & 11am

RSVP required: yes


Location: Troy Campus

Times: Sundays – 9 & 11am

RSVP required: yes


Location: Groves High School

Times: 10am

RSVP required: yes


Location: Clarkston Junior High

Times: Sundays – 10am

RSVP required: yes

Clinton Township

Location: Clinton Twp. Campus

Times: Sundays – 9 & 11am

RSVP required: yes


Location: Troy Chapel

Times: 11am

RSVP required: yes

KKids Strategy Playbook

You will then be directed to PushPay for payment.
For additional questions, please contact or call 248.786.0637