Everyone should have a chance to explore the Christian faith.


What is Alpha?

Many of the people who attend Kensington are people who are at the beginning of their spiritual journey. Maybe we’re asking questions like Who is God?, Who is Jesus?, What value does the Bible have in my life?, How do I pray? These are the big questions that are at the heart of what it means to have a relationship with God.

We have a program that is designed exactly for people like you – it’s called Alpha. It’s an ten-week introduction to the Christian faith over a great meal with friends, and happens at several of our campuses.

You don’t have to come for the whole series—just check it out for the first session and see what you think. No pressure.

Course Information

Please email the Discipleship team with any questions.


Alpha is a space to explore life’s big questions, to say what you think and to hear other people’s points of view.

Good Food

At the heart of every Alpha Course is the opportunity to make some friends, and we think the best place for that to happen is around some great food. With that in mind, Alpha events involve eating together around a table of eight to 12 people.

Alpha talk

Every week we listen to a talk on a theme that is central to the Christian faith. These are presented on video or by one of our Kensington speakers. The talks are fun and engaging (think TED talks), and they create the framework for the discussion that follows.


No question is out of bounds and you’re free to discuss as much or as little as you wish. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the conversation. We don’t assume any particular belief or background knowledge in Christianity.


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For additional questions, please contact or call 248.786.0637