I’m No Wonder Woman

Jenny Perez

I’m No Wonder Woman

He uses the seemingly insignificant acts of life to weave an intricate and beautiful tapestry of His story. That text to a friend to encourage her or inviting that new woman out for coffee – these seem like small things, but God uses them in a mighty way.

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Christopher Cook

How To Win An Argument On Facebook

I want to be known by what I’m for, not by what I’m against. I want to respond to life, not react to it. I don’t simply want to talk about change. I want to be a contributor to change. And instead of feeding chaos, I want to feed courage.

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Current Events
Chris Zarbaugh

Is All This Possible?

When investigating Jesus, what is at stake? The answer is: everything. Everything is at stake. It’s too important not to decide for yourself what the truth is.

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Rachel Ketchum

A Note From The Oldest Intern

I didn’t fully understand God’s purposes for this year of my life, but as always, He knew what He was doing, and as I near the end of it, I see more and more ways He has used this time to equip and empower me for what’s next.

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